Monday, December 10, 2012


Look at the purple circle and its equation.....notice where it is centered & how big the radius is....
Then look at the orange...we can play with the "x" value, as well as the "y" & "r".
See what happens when you change each one.
Click on the graph to be taken to the Desmos page

Monday, September 3, 2012


Why do ePortfolios & use a blog.....
Jenny Luca from Australia wrote a very insightful & succinct blog post describing the core reasons. She writes much better than I do. 
5 Reasons Why Our Students Are Writing Blogs and Creating ePortfolios

in short
1) Creating & controlling a positive digital footprint (think college admissions & future employers)
2) Communicating with digital tools (21st century skill)
3) Transparency for parents & family (want to know how your student is doing/ read their blog)
4) New ways of thinking about web tools (new learning tools, new assessment tools)
5) Effective digital citizenship (proper use of the web ; legal & ethical)